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    A documentary about Montreal-based film troop Clyde Henry and the production of their 2007 stop-motion masterpiece “Madame Tutli Putli”

  • Little Sister

    Little Sister

    A Film adaptation of the book “Little Sister” by Barbara Gowdy.

  • HOME: A Ghost Story

    HOME: A Ghost Story

    Horror is elevated when prevailing anxieties creep close to the surface. HOME taps into fears of homelessness and our preoccupation with property and the different values we place upon it; sanctuary, sentiment, investment. I drew inspiration from a New Yorker story about below-minimum exploitation of the homeless to guard the foreclosure casualties of the 2008…

  • Marianne


    Suite à la mort tragique de sa soeur, Marianne, 11 ans, voit son univers partir à la dérive; sa famille, son identité, son équilibre. Animée par sa passion pour le patinage artistique, elle tente de rapiécer son monde idéal mais rapidement, elle se voit confrontée aux réalités d’un monde adulte qu’elle ne contrôle pas. S’amorce…

  • Revolver


    A precise and cautious filmmaker journeys through the past, searching for the woman who may be her mother – last seen at the infamous ’70’s dream tower: Rochdale College.


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