Elimination Dance


Don McKellar
Tracey Wright
Michael Turner
Maurice Oxford
Laura Bertram
Valerie Buhagiar
Kirsten Johnson
Namir Khan
Chas Lawther
Natalie McDonald
Carole Pope
Anna Stratton
Bruce Stratton
Madelein Stratton
Alan Zweig


A Shadow Shows/Goodbye Productions film

Directed By Bruce McDonald, Don McKellar, Michael Ondaatje
Written By Bruce McDonald, Don McKellar, Michael Ondaatje
Produced By Sandy Kaplansky
Editor Thor Henrikson

1998 | 35mm | Color | 9 Minutes


Elimination dances are illegal, because they cause uprisings of the people and governments just do not like that. The announcer reads, from cards, various embarrassing incidents and all those dancers who have experienced the incident must leave the floor, along with their partners. Disbelief must be suspended here because to leave the floor is to reveal, publicly, one’s secrets. The reactions of those who leave the floor tell the story.


Winner – Torino Film Festival, Best International Short Film

Winner – Santa Monica Film Festival, Best Foreign Film

Nominated – Genie Awards, Best Live Action Short

Winner – Cinequest San Jose Film Festival, Best Short Narrative Film

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