The Mysterious Moon-Men of Canada


Stephen McHattie
Henry Rollins
Juliette Lewis
Lisa Houle
Morgan Csarno-Peklar
Themis Pauwels
Astrid Roos
Hana Sofia Lopes
Guillaume Kerbusch
Stéphane Bissot
Sam Louwyck
Tómas Lemarquis
Viktor Antonyuk
Caramanico Laura
Fouad Rathle
Julian Nest
Alexandre Hornbeck
Laurent Muller


A Shadow Shows/Goodbye Productions film

Directed By Colin Brunton
Written By Colin Brunton, David McFadden, John Pearson
Produced By Colin Brunton, Bruce McDonald
Original Score by The Gun Club, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
Editor Bruce McDonald
Production Designer Ingrid Jurek, Mara Ravins

1988 | 35mm | Color | 26 Minutes


In 1959 two Canadians flew to the moon in a home-made rocketship, a full ten years before Apollo 11, but were too modest to tell anyone about it. Industrial filmmaker Brownie McFadden, contracted to make a film about blind cyclist Larry Hudson (who is riding across Canada guided only by instinct and a superior sense of smell) discovers an intriguing letter and sets out across Canada in pursuit of the amateur astronauts.

The winner for Best Live Action Short at the 1989 Genie Awards (Canada’s version of the Oscars.)

Starring Gerry Quigley and Larry Hudson, with music by Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and Jeffrey Lee Pierce (of The Gun Club.) 22 minutes, colour. “Directed by Brownie McFadden,” Written by John Pearson and Colin Brunton; based on a short story by David McFadden.

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