Twitch City


Don McKellar
Molly Parker
Daniel MacIvor
Bruce McCulloch
Mark McKinney
and Callum Keith Rennie


A Shadow Shows/Accent Entertainment Production

Directed by Bruce McDonald
Series created by Don McKellar
Executive Producers Bruce McDonald, Susan Cavan
Writers Don McKellar, John Frizzell, Bob Martin
Producers Armand Leo, Susan Cavan
Director of Photography Danny Nowak
Production Designer Maureen Sless
Costume Designer Lea Carlson

1998-2000 | NTSC | Color 
Season 1: 6 x 22 minute episodes
Season 2: 7 x 22 minute episodes

Canada/USA Home Video: Video Service Corp.
International Sales Agent: Shadow Shows Rights Management


Imagine a sitcom as co-produced by Marshall McLuhan and Dr. Timothy Leary and you have Twitch City, a trippy subtext message in which the lead character might be a television. Indeed, with most North American viewers clocking in at north of forty hours per week, couch latke Curtis is merely living the dream by doing nothing else but watching…and watching…and watching.

Produced in the low-rent death throes of the last century and aired on Bravo! and Canada’s CBC, Twitch City‘s episodic behavior, set in Toronto, is graced by cable-able co-stars Molly Parker and Callum Keith Rennie, who try to mitigate for the hapless Curtis. With regulars Mark McKinney and Bruce McCulloch and guest appearances by the likes of Joyce DeWitt and Jennifer Jason Leigh, Twitch City scratches that prime time itch.


WINNER – Best Director, Gemini Awards
WINNER – Best Sound, Gemini Awards
5 NOMINATIONS – Best Comedy Series, Director, Writing, Costume Design, Production Design, Gemini Awards
2 NOMINATIONS – Best Cinematography, Sound, Gemini Awards
WINNER – WGC Award, Writers Guild of Canada

“A bold and perversely literal form of meta-TV…and is the rare television show that also holds up as a work of media scholarship.”

Dennis Lim, New York Times

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